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Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production: Studies on Sugarcane Bagasse, Paja Brava, Wheat Straw, Quinoa Stalks and Curupaú

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  • Idioma Inglés
  • Palabras Clave Steam pretreatment, ethanol production, SSCF, arabinosylated aromatics, SO2, H2SO4, sugarcane bagasse, paja brava, wheat straw, quinoa stalks, Anadenanthera colubrina
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    The world’s resources of fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted, and we now know that the combustion of these fuels leads to the emission of greenhouse gases resulting in climate change. It is therefore imperative that we develop renewable sources of fuel. The production of bioethanol in Brazil is the best example today of the introduction of a renewable fuel on a large scale. This ethanol is obtained from the fermentation of sugar from sugarcane. In fact, all ethanol today is obtained from the fermentation of sugar (from sugarcane or sugar beets), or starch (mainly from corn or wheat). This is sometimes referred to as “first generation” biofue


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