Does heavy metal polluted water in Bolivia drive evolution towards antibiotic resistance genes in water microbiota and pathogens?

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    Pollution of water is an increasing problem globally and absence of safe drinking water is a major problem for human health. An increasing number of studies have pointed out the ubiquitous presence of pollutants such as medical residues, metals, antibiotics and pathogenic bacteria in surface and ground water. The arid highlands of Bolivia, the Altiplano, face large problems with water pollution and inability of providing safe drinking water. Nowhere in the world is the evidence for global warming so obvious as in the Andes. Excessive mining still occurs in some of the mountain regions in Bolivia while other mines are abandoned. The need for large amounts of water in the mining process might even be one of the causes for the recent problems of water supplies in November 2016, when the worst drought in 25 years led to water rationing La Paz and El Alto. Even worse is the pollution caused by mining activity. Several rivers runs from mining areas and mountain lagoons through El Alto which is one of...Ver mas
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